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Advantages of Conducting Clinical Research in Hawaii
Hawaii, with its unique and diverse population has been underutilized as a site for clinical trials. Hawaii is ideally suited to this activity, with a statewide population of 1.2 million (900,000 on the island of Oahu) that includes the following ethnic groups:
* Caucasians: 23 percent
* Japanese: 20 percent
* Mixed/part-Hawaiian: 18.6 percent
* Mixed/non-Hawaiian 18.4 percent
* Filipino: 10.5 percent
* Chinese 4.6 percent
* Other, including Hawaiian, Korean, Samoan and African-American: 4.5 percent

Subject recruitment and retention is typically better in Hawaii than on the U.S. mainland because of local cultural emphasis on service to others, and limited out-of-state travel due to the geographic isolation of the Islands.

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